We are listing the important parameters which we have to consider before creating bridges in any critical environments like production or live traffic scenarios.

Before going to our important parameters, I would like to give basic Idea on bridges and the use of bridges.

Few applications or senders require the same message or data to be sent to more than one destination.

Eg: An application “A” is sending a message “msg1” to queue “Q1” and the application “B” is consuming or receiving or taking the message from the destination Q1. In this scenario if an other application “C” also wants to listen or receive the same message then we will create a bridge between Q1 and Q2 and tells application “C” to consume from destination “Q2”

Please follow these steps before creating or deleting  the bridges in critical environments like Production

  1. Make sure that you know why this bridge is required? 
  2. Ask them wether they they are collaborating with the owners of source queue/topic and are they aware of this bridge?
  3. Did they created target queue(s) or topic(s) in the source queue(s) or topic(s) environment ?
  4. Did the target destination(s) have same properties as source destination(MaxMessages/MaxBytes Count)?
  5. Do they have consumers deployed already for the bridged queue/topic? 
  6. Do they consume bridged messages fast enough to prevent the source from getting full? 

Creation and deletion of bridges will vary based on the messaging servers or brokers which you are using so I am not covering bridge creation and deletion part and please leave a command If you have any questions.

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