Notepad++ has been around for a long time, and many users have only ever used Notepad++ when they’re ready to upgrade from Notepad or Wordpad. It’s still under development though, and combines the simple interface of Notepad or Wordpad with advanced features that will make writers and developers happy. Some of them include a customizable interface that you can make as minimal or toolbar-rich as you choose, a document map so you can see where you are in your work at any time, a tabbed interface so you can work in multiple documents, auto-completion and text shortening, macro recording so you can customize shortcuts, and more. You also get customizable syntax highlighting, text folding and collapsable parts of the document (to make things easier to read,) and options you can use to launch the app under certain parameters, just to make your work easier.

Notepad++ is free (free as in free speech and free beer) and available for Windows only. You can grab it as an installable app, or a portable app to run from a flash drive or cloud storage service like Dropbox. If you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for in a text editor, it’s a good place to start, especially because it’s free.

Notepad++ features

Some notable features include:

Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding


Auto-completion: Word completion, Function completion and  Function parameters hint

Multi-Document (Tab interface)

Zoom in and zoom out. This can be accomplished via the shortcut keys “Ctrl+Num +/-“ or holding Ctrl down and scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel.

Convert text to uppercase or lowercase without having to retype. Right-click the desired text and choose “UPPERCASE” or “lowercase” from the context menu.


Viewing the edited text is as easy as choosing a browser. From the “Run” menu, choose to launch the file in an installed browser.


Notice the easy-to-read information displayed at the bottom of every file. Knowing what line or character you’re at couldn’t be simpler.


Access clipboard history via the “Edit” menu and choosing “Clipboard History”.


This great feature shows past clipboard events.


Final thoughts

Nearly all of these above and other unspoken features in Notepad++ is no where to be found in the default Windows Notepad application. Yes, you can use the one supplied in the operating system for simple use but if you’re looking to edit HTML, CSS, or even JavaScript, Notepad++ is a free and easy-to-use program that can get it done for you. As a side note, it actually takes up less space on a hard disk than the Microsoft supplied one.


Download it here: Download Notepad++

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