Apache Kafka New Features

The Apache Kafka community is pleased to announce the release of Apache Kafka This is a feature release which includes the completion of 15 KIPs, over 200 bug fixes and improvements, and over 500 pull requests merged. A full list of the new features, improvements, and bug fixes can be found here. Major Features Kafka […]

What is Apache Kafka Architecture

Take a look at the Diagram. It gives an idea on Apache Kafka cluster. The following table describes each of the components shown in the above diagram. S.No Components and Description 1 Broker Kafka cluster typically consists of multiple brokers to maintain load balance. Kafka brokers are stateless, so they use ZooKeeper for maintaining their cluster state. […]

What is Apache Kafka

History of Kafka : Apache Kafka was developed at LinkedIn and later became an open sourced Apache project in 2011. Scala and Java are used to write Kafka. Apache Kafka is publish-subscribe based fault tolerant messaging system. It is fast, scalable and distributed by design. Introduction: When we are processing big data, we have to deal with […]

Tibco EMS and ActiveMQ Comparison

This article mainly focus on what is the basic difference between ActiveMQ and Tibco ems and experimentally determine the performance, message persistence and a comparative analysis between both ActiveMQ and Tibco ems brokers using the same tools and configuration parameters. The outcome of this work is used for selecting the broker that manages high volume […]

How to use Apache Kafka broker

What is It High-throughput distributed messaging system Open Sourced by LinkedIn Implemented in Scala, some Java Additional Kafka concepts are defined here and by the Apache Kafka Project – http://kafka.apache.org/documentation.html. Typical use cases of Kafka include: Real-time streaming and data pipeline applications are built over Kafka to ingest data continuously and churn out data to be consumed by […]