Howler.js error
Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined
at (howler.js:568)
at Tool.onKeyDown [as _onKeyDown] (:19:12)
at Tool.emit (paper-full.js:652)
at emit (paper-full.js:12330)
at CanvasView._handleKeyEvent (paper-full.js:12338)
at handleKey (paper-full.js:12584)
at HTMLDocument.keypress (paper-full.js:12612)
play @ howler.js:568
onKeyDown @ VM239:19
emit @ paper-full.js:652
emit @ paper-full.js:12330
_handleKeyEvent @ paper-full.js:12338
handleKey @ paper-full.js:12584
keypress @ paper-full.js:12612

This is the version of Howler.js issue : The version 2.x.x is not efficient in playing the sounds but the 1.1.x are.

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